“We begin by eschewing the role of specialists who deal only in parts. Becoming deliberately expansive instead of contractive, we ask, ‘How do we think in terms of wholes?’ If it is true that the bigger the thinking becomes the more lastingly effective it is, we must ask, ‘How big can we think?’”

– Buckminster Fuller, Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

We are inclined to think and operate in a manner that transcends the traditional boundaries of any singularly defined profession or position. In this view, the lines of the design disciplines become blurred or largely irrelevant. Inherently trans-disciplinary.

This website is therefore simply a platform to exhibit our work and to share our latest news. We have been collaborators on research, design projects, competitions, and publications since 2004. Our successful track record is attributed to our deeply diverse interest in scales, scope and program, yet we share unyielding common ground on our notions of urbanism, on the definition of design, our understanding of progress, and on the language of form.

In developing this modus operandi we have been avid, yet selective, in our pursuit of competitions as a medium or means for us to further develop our underlying approach. We offer this observation; all of these works culminate in an idea or response that cannot be particularly viewed as either architecture, landscape architecture or urbanism but rather manifest as inseparable conflations of each and are better for it. Moreover, they reflect a response to the increasingly complex realm of problems we are faced with and which cannot be successfully navigated by any single discipline alone. We hope this platform will continue to expose our progress and the evolution of our collaboration.