'Top Winner' Neighbourhood First Choice, Brunswick-College Parkette Redesign Competition

Drew Adams and Mladen Pejic

The proposal is for a simple, elegant gesture which reinforces the natural axis of the park, terminating on the historic, St Stephen’s-In-The-Fields Anglican Church, while creating a distinction between an upper path and a sunken sitting area.

This simple parkspace creates a respite from the bustling city. The undulating canopy form provides colonnade-like characteristics and a sheltered siting area. Perennial plantings have been identified for their low-maintenance and drought resistance as well as calming, floral qualities. The softness of the these native wildflowers contrasts the hard edges of the canopy and planting walls. The addition of Trembling Aspens provides an ambient white noise, akin to that of a water feature, with leaves that rustle in the softess of breeze.

This revitalized parkspace aims to announce and give identity to a vibrant and, at times, overshadowed neighbourhood while overcoming the particularly challenging site conditions and providing a realizable vision for the space.